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Play Legacy of Dead

What awaits us when the doors to the ancient world of sands and pharaohs open. How to behave in this space, where to look for untold treasures. Everything will become clear almost as soon as you enter. The very title of the game can be translated as thinking of the book of the dead. It’s a little creepy, but you don’t have to leave right away. Games with such themes are frequent guests in the gaming world, because their appeal is off the charts. Alluring desert with all the riches of the world, what could be better?

Upon first acquaintance, the player will discover exactly what we all have come to expect when encountering ancient artifacts. Graceful columns that are painted with different messages. Burning torches all over the place.

Playing Legacy of Dead will not be difficult. Familiar design of drums and paylines will not surprise everyone. The drums themselves depict different symbols such as gods with animal heads, death masks in sarcophagi, golden scarab beetles on different stones.

Let’s go into the darkness of the game and find everything that hides in its most secret corners.

Graphics execution of the slot is done at a good level, despite the competition in such a theme. And stands on a par with all the leaders in the market of slot machines. However, it manages to be very relaxed ahead of its competitors due to the clear and modern vision, all depicted on the screen. All the animation is very light and pleasing to the eye. This allows you to play as much time as you want and as long as you can sit. The main thing is not to lose reality over time. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in the sands for so long that you’ll forget what world you live in. Yes, the game is so interesting that you can just forget. The music is very pleasant, there are no harsh and frightening sounds. Everything goes on the same background and does not create unnecessary impressions. The images on the screen clearly merge with the music, and the player is immersed in a very realistic atmosphere of what is happening. Let’s compare it to a movie. You will never get a feeling of tiredness or fatigue from everything that has been taken away.

The slot consists of five reels. They are located in three rows. All of them are linked by ten lines. These lines and bring payouts when they fall on the same symbols of the game. They are called chains by many, their formation is chaotic and not predictable. The functions correspond to the common to all gambling machines. But in each game, of course, add entirely new. After all, to get the interest of players is not so easy. In this version absolutely everything came together and formed a great and dynamic pyramid.

The game allows you to make not a few important decisions for yourself without any cues. So, taking advantage of the function to double, you can take it or leave. The same happens with tripling. Agreeing to guess the suit or color of the card, the player takes responsibility for the upcoming phase. Before this, of course, it is necessary to make a bet. Gambling feeling ignites, it pulls only forward.

Free Spins feature, in this slot machine without it of course also can not go anywhere. It would be too cruel to cut off lovers of the game from this bonus.

As for the main characters. In this slot is the funeral furnace and the main pharaoh. With the appearance of them on the screen, know the exact increase in bets, or the entire winnings. They replace any images and increase the chance of winning. When a player gets three or more main images in a single spin, the start of free spins. They can be from eight and beyond. Plus the increase in bets per scrolling. Here the multiplication will depend on the rolled multiplier. Their numerical values appear on the monitor and are attached to the different symbols in random order. The minimum value can range from twenty to two hundred. A great addition to everything already earned.

During the free spins randomly choose the easiest symbol. As soon as it falls on the screen, the winnings begin to be calculated, then it expands and fills the entire reel.

Free spins can be re-triggered. This is one of the nice bonus offers. Eight more additional spins are added and a simple symbol, any of the nine, is selected as an expansion for the other spins.

The return to the player is almost one hundred percent, this is more than the other options offered by as much as half a percent. It seems very small, but when summing up the results all add up to very tempting numbers. Bets are offered to do from the smallest ten cents to a hundred coins. Try to calculate the size is very correct, what would not spend all that is available at once. Such options are also possible, do not rush headlong into the maelstrom. Think through your moves in advance.

The volatility of the slot is high, it is fun to play, knowing in advance of the upcoming winnings. Playing Legacy of Dead is exciting and interesting. The whole game is designed so that would lure you deeper and deeper. After all, only there will be the most beautiful treasures and huge chunks of gold waiting for you. You don’t have to stop halfway. You should always see what happens next. Slot undoubtedly wins other competitors in many positions. Convince yourself of this is easy. Download and enjoy.

All that gets to win and all the amounts that bring the different characters can always be seen in the paytable. It can always be found on the screen in the left corner. Click and study all the images in front of you. So already in the course of the game nothing will prevent you to summarize the income. On the one focus attention is the main symbol – the tomb. If it appears in any combination, the payout can be up to five thousand bets. Huge winnings, isn’t it.

There will be images of the pharaoh, the god Anubis, a golden statue, a falcon and simple playing cards. Don’t bypass their attention. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the entire list and their rates. Knowing the rules of the slot ahead of time, will help you achieve great success.

How to play Legacy of Dead scheme of your actions:

To start select the denomination of coins, then make a bet, choose the number of lines, which will participate. See the table with the rules and payouts. Be sure to check the balance. And that’s all. We press start a spin. The game started, play with pleasure.