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Legacy of Dead slot

Take a new addition to the gambling market. It would seem that you can think of such a thing, what else would interest such a sophisticated player. It turns out you can. And this, of course, did a very competent people who know their business very well and never cease to amaze players around the world with their developments.

The best slot Legacy of Dead

And so meet the new slot Legacy of Dead

The slot is made in the style of ancient Egypt. There may be a question, as again, the ancients and everything associated with them.

It turns out that so. People do not let go of this topic, be in a cave or ancient pyramid wants almost every one of us. And to find the treasures of the pharaoh, it’s a great happiness. This game is just everything the most curious traveler needs. There will be difficulties in the passages, scary mummies on the way, some ancient gods and other evil things. And even such frightening things at first glance won’t put you off. At the end of the journey there is always a reward, and its size depends only on you and your desire to find more treasures.

So, are you ready to pass all the obstacles on your way and become a very rich man?

Legacy of Dead slot gives you a great chance to prove yourself and fill your pockets with the real gold of Egypt.

And so, opening the game you will go to ancient and even very ancient Egypt to uncover all the secrets and most hidden secrets hidden at the bottom of the pyramids or buried in the sand. The game design will be familiar to many experienced players who remember and know the slot with the same theme. All the most important action takes place in an old ancient temple, where a huge number of columns and very beautifully decorated walls and ceilings.

This will be the playing field, you will agree it’s a great solution for a good game.

What do we see in front of us when we enter this amazing place? In front of the player appears a field consisting of five reels and ten paylines on them.

What symbols can we see, what do we need to look for and in what quantity?

Of course, everything will be associated with antiquities and the gods of those times. We will meet the gods Horus and Anubis himself. Pharaoh himself will dignify your meeting, the chief ruler of all Egypt can also visit you if you are very lucky.

There are auxiliary symbols, they are also very important and you should not ignore their appearance on the screen. They look like cards of different denominations.

In every game there is an order that there should be one main symbol. In this slot it is a burial chamber. When it appears, the player gets free spins and increases his chances for more winnings. It can also replace any image for the better to win.

In the Legacy of Dead slot there are not a small number of bonuses. For example, if you see three, four or five important symbols, no matter what, you get instant winnings. More, if you fall three images are also the same will trigger a round of free spins. Before this operation on the screen you can see how to scroll through the ancient scroll and one of the images that can be seen in the paytable will be selected at random. Once this action has occurred, the scroll is dropped on the field, it expands and covers the entire reel. With bonus rounds, you can also get little mini bonuses. Two in one. They give another plus eight free scrolls. The main feature of this slot is a system that each re-run scrolls without pay, will open a new symbol, it will act as a special. That is, it will bring a good winnings. It turns out the chances that such icons will appear often are great. Since there will be duplicate chains, and they in turn bring real wins.

super bonus

The payoff of the slot is very high, for this you have to give credit to the developers. This makes the game a great option for your strategies in the game world. You can discuss how best to build their manner, what would work with the maximum profit for themselves. The slot machine has proven to be excellent from this point of view.

Legacy of Dead does not open new territories, but on the contrary invites to explore the territories in which we have already been, and probably forgot something in haste. The visual perception of what is happening has improved, because the world doesn’t stand still, and the technology becomes more and more attractive by the day. And the addition of different functions have made their charms in this slot. The player might think he has already played here, and what could be interesting and new? But as soon as he enters the gaming space realizes how much he has not seen before. Ahead of so much unexplored and enjoyable, you should not linger in one place for long. Everything earned in the campaign can be multiplied. You can wager the full amount or some part of it, it’s up to each player to decide. Take advantage of two options. One is to guess the color of the closed card and your winnings will be doubled. And the second is to recognize the suit of the card, it will multiply the payment in four times.

Legacy of Dead

Invite players from all corners of the globe to visit the ancient world and enjoy its scale. Try to find all the treasures and treasures, because there are so many that it will take more than one day to find them.

And with such clear payments and timely payments, you should definitely do it in the very near future. Do not delay your acquaintance, it will certainly bring you not only enjoyment from the game, but also from the earnings along the way.

Many players have confirmed the honesty, ease of use of the slot. The number of downloads of the game speaks for itself. As for installing it, there will be no problems. Everything happens without any technical difficulties. This is undoubtedly a positive feature of Legacy of the Dead.