Bonuses in Legacy of Dead - Legacy of Dead Game

Bonuses in Legacy of Dead

In this article, let’s look at what is a new product in the gaming industry Legacy of Dead.

And so let’s welcome another slot machine, which immediately caught the interest of all players. And all thanks to a win-win option style design of the slot. It is made in the style of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, there is absolutely all the characters that can be found in such a place. Gods will help you, some will prevent. But that’s not the main thing. The aim of the game is to find as much treasure as possible, which is hiding in the sands of the beautiful temple and take it away with you. Do not be afraid and start your journey through the mysterious world of antiquities.

Slot is a mixture of several popular games, here its authors have taken the best of many and combine it to get a great result. The expanded Egyptian theme and the addition of new bonus symbols has brought obvious popularity. There’s nothing wrong with bonuses in the game at all.

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Bonuses in the game, what and how many of them in Legacy of the Dead?

The slot is a game in the style of ancient books. After all, they can read so much information that interests us. There is no main symbol in the form of the object, and it doesn’t matter. In this game, it’s in the form of a burial chamber, large and beautiful. This is one difference from similar games. The camera, remember, is the main symbol and also appears in the final moments, when it replaces any icon on the screen. What brings incredible bonuses and prize money. Changing the important and main element in the game, it is immediately clear what was different in the game and what you can pay attention to.

As soon as the playing field showed two, three or more of the main characters in the form of burial chamber, the player receives an instant win. This is a great extra feature. Another bonus is the following, on a roll of three important pictures on the reels, a round of extra spinning is activated. It consists of eight free additional spins. But before this moment, scroll and one image on it, which is included in the paytable, selected at random. This gives it the status in the next game, the main symbol. Once the picture falls on the playing field, it will expand and cover the entire screen. This again may trigger a bonus. If there are three main characters in this action, again falls free rotation. And the player has a lot more of them. Bonuses appear unexpectedly, but at the right time.

But there is one very nice feature of Legacy of Dead slot. Namely, that each repeated spin that the player gets for free opens a new symbol. He will then act and come into play as a special. It can be concluded that almost any falling values, can be turned into very necessary and important for the game. The chances of filling the entire field with winning icons, very, very much increases. Great bonus for the player.

Without any doubt, we can say that the legacy of the dead is an excellent slot machine. Thanks to very recognizable themes, immediately won its place and became a great competitor for other games.

To make sure of its quality and ability to interest anyone, it is easy to try it out with the free version. Test all the bonuses, to understand what symbols that bring. Learn the payout table, well, and of course understand the principle of the slot.

Free spin bonus from Legacy of Dead.

What are the characteristics of the slot machine Legacy Of Dead?

In this machine can increase the bet to five thousand times, indicating its high ability to meet the expectations of players and a large return on the initial bet. It is an absolutely familiar format. Such as three rows with five reels on them, and lines, which bring winning moments, their number is ten. The drums fall, along with Egyptian deities, the usual standard symbols in the form of card and thematic images. Here it’s simple. For ease of understanding, each line is numbered and is always activated from the smallest to the oldest, that is, first the first, then the second, and so on.

Bonus free spins enter the game as much as the appearance of three symbols. Additionally offer eight spins in the draw. One of the images is chosen at random, you can not predict once the game will determine what it will be. His status immediately changes to significant. He becomes in line with the main and brings a great bonus to the game. When the right number of such signs fall out, they expand, filling the entire space of the game and covering the reels. Bonus is as cool as it gets. So you can fill everything and constantly get free scrolls, which will naturally bring good winnings to the player. It should be noted that there is no mandatory condition that the symbols fall next to each other. It does not matter. In any case, the bonus will work.

How else can you increase what has already been earned?
It’s very simple. In the slot there is an extra round, it allows you to multiply your total winnings in any of your rotation, very substantially, and it happens in the main game, somewhere to go in the extra stage is not necessary. To do this, you simply need to guess the suit of the playing cards we mentioned earlier or also know the suit of the card. If all goes well, a great bonus will stick to your wallet. You can play up to five of these games in a row.

To summarize. Everything that we have learned about the game Legacy Of Dead today, everything absolutely corresponds to the excellent quality of the worthy product, which came to the market of the game industry. We advise you to try out the gameplay and see for yourself. You will definitely be surprised by the bonuses picked up in the slot, all the ease of handling and of course the big payouts that will come to your account with a hundred percent guarantee.